Roadheaders For Tunneling Market Growth, Industry Analysis Report 2018 – 2025

Sandvik’s MT series of roadheaders offers the best cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Equipped with geometrically optimized transverse or longitudinal cutter heads, these flexible machines can be used for a wide range of applications. They can also be used for rehabilitation of existing tunnels, and excavation of underground caverns.

Sandvik roadheaders let you focus on the essential: breaking through to the other side with minimum fuss. They are designed to excavate continuously without using explosives that cause harmful vibrations.

Powered electro-hydraulically, the MT series emits no fumes, which makes them suitable for underground construction projects in urban areas. Sandvik roadheaders are equipped with advanced profile control, automatic sequence control systems and online data processing possibilities. The roadheader family also includes separate multi-purpose hydraulic cutting heads for mounting on excavators.


Sandvik MT720 is an electrically powered and crawler-mounted boom-type road-header which is engineered to cut hard and abrasive rock beyond 120 MPa compressive strength at mechanized tunneling. This extremely powerful 100-ton-class road-header has a powerful transversal cutter head mounted on an extremely robust telescopic boom.

Sandvik MT720 has an extended field of operation for mechanized tunneling in hard and abrasive rock formations. The robust stabilized telescopic cutter boom is ideal for optimum cutting power application, maintaining high productivity together with energy efficiency, which lowers overall operating costs.

The MT720 is available as PLC (Programmable Logical Controlled) or hydraulically controlled machine.

MT620 road-header FOR TUNNELING

Sandvik MT620 is an electrically powered and crawler-mounted road-header that is engineered to excavate roadways and galleries. This heavy-duty machine has a powerful transversal cutter head mounted on an extremely robust telescopic boom. It is designed to excavate rock with high compressive strengths.

                                                                   MT620 ROADHEADER FOR TUNNELING

Sandvik MT620 tunneling roadheader is an extremely powerful boom-type road headed in the 100-ton class and has proven its unique transverse cutting technology in hard rock applications worldwide.

It is designed for economical excavation of rock exceeding 120 MPa uniaxial compressive strength, with an optimized, robust build. The efficient dust suppression and cutting tool cooling through high-pressure pick flushing system mean less maintenance downtime.

This equipment is available as PLC (Programmable logical controlled) or hydraulically controlled machine.

MT520 roadheader FOR TUNNELING

Sandvik MT520 PLC-controlled road-header has been designed for use in tunneling, as well as salt, potash and chalk mining with a maximum profile up to 70 m². It has a modular design that offers more flexibility than standard roadheaders and works in most rock conditions up to 100 MPa compressive strength.

                                                                     MT520 ROADHEADER FOR TUNNELING

Sandvik MT520 tunneling roadheader is a new concept of a construction road headed in the 100 tons class, based on easily exchangeable modules, selectable to adapt the MT520 basic machine to a wide variety of applications.

An 8-meter cutting height module makes this machine highly suitable for large road tunnels. The full cutter motor power of 315 kW is available both on the transverse and on the inline type cutter head. An integrated dust extraction system caters to a healthy work environment of the tunneling team and reduces maintenance downtime.

MT361 road-header FOR TUNNELING

Sandvik MT361 roadheader is an electro-hydraulic part-face cutting machine designed for roadway development and for coal, rock, gypsum, potash and salt mining. The special attachments and the wide array of options, such as an integrated swivel chain conveyor, coupled with high tramming speed for relocation, make it ideal for a variety of mining and tunneling applications. The powerful transversal cutter head of this road-header is able to cut rock up to a compressive strength of 100 MPa (UCS).

                                                                    MT361 Road-header For Tunneling

Sandvik MT361 is available as an intelligent PLC (Programmable Logical Controlled) or manual hydraulic controlled machine. Country-specific FLP certifications by various international approval authorities are possible.(rocktechnology)

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