Latest News: Brain’s memory area might be associated with anxiety, depression

An place of the brain, commonly connected considering memory and dementia, could furthermore manage to pay for in important clues about a range of mental health illnesses including addiction, sentient and depression, a examination has found.

The place, known as hippocampus, is a seahorse-shaped structure located deep inside the brain.

As portion of the limbic system, it plays an important role in memory running and spatial cognition, including how mammals learn to consent to and navigate their setting.

Hippocampus have been long known for its role in memory and dementia, especially re speaking Alzheimer’s complaint. In Alzheimer’s patients for instance, this region is one of the first areas of the brain to vacillate blinking.

The breakdown showed that the ventral hippocampus in rats, a sub-region that correlates to the anterior hippocampus in humans — a sub-region located at the front — plays a role in emotional regulation.

“What this shows is that we may quirk to rethink how the hippocampus processes manner,” said Rutsuko Ito, Associate professor at the University of Toronto-Scarborough.

The psychotherapy, published in the journal Current Biology, revealed that because hippocampus plays a role in basic motivational behaviour, it may moreover pay for important insights into a range of mental health illnesses.

Addiction, for example, could be joined to deficits of entre goal. Anxiety and depression in the region of the proceed hand could be associated to avoidance behaviours, all of which could manifest itself in this portion of the brain, Ito said.

“Some patients have lesions to favorable areas of this share of the brain, hence hopefully we can assess them to see what particular aspects of entry avoidance behaviour may or may not be impacted,” the researchers said.

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